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Frostbox Labs

2 months 4 weeks ago

T A N N O Y G P L U S T O D A R E S C U E !

Frostbox Labs

4 months 2 weeks ago

This is a custom power supply project for a customer asking for a passive cooled silent solution for his large format control surface. It is designed around off-the-shelf modular industrial ac-dc converters which helps to keep such one-off solutions economical viable. It includes remote sense feature for auto-compensation of the voltage loss across the cables to the control surface.

We love custom design challenges like this! And we love to be inspired by the engineering & innovation courage that went into the creation of this contemporary classic large format control surface. #EuphonixRIP

Frostbox Labs

4 months 3 weeks ago

New video up for all you old school retro computer lovers & SSL users!

Referring to this ram tester design:

Frostbox Labs

5 months 1 week ago

New product announcement video is up! For all of you out there with large format consoles and analog & digital multitracks looking for an easy routing solution!

This video is presenting the new 144 Relays product from Frostbox Labs. 24 input and outputs routings between your multitrack tape machine, console and daw c...

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