PolySigma software solution for multiple SSL Sigmas

Happy new year to all my friends and clients šŸ™‚

This is a small announcement for SSL Sigma users and it is only preliminary info!


Use the motorised faders on your MCU controller to control multiple SSL Sigmas as if they where one giant summing mixer with full 2-way communication. It is the missing link for your SSL Sigmas.

PolySigma is a custom software tool that acts as a gateway on your network between up to 4 SSL Sigmas and a 16fader MCU controller using two ipMidi ports. The 4 Sigmas show up with names and rounting info in LCD scribble strip each having a 16 fader bank for that units 16 channels. Bank 5 is for master faders A+B for each of the Sigmas. The software runs on a Raspberry Pi mini computer on your normal network and it does not interfere with internet or other network activity.

It currently provides 2-way control of faders, pan, solo, mute, stereo/mono, rounting to bus A/B, master faders A & B and send Mix B to Mix A.

This control set can easily be expanded to all Sigma functionality including control room controls and a connections to a DAW for automation and recall is under development. The software replaces the original SSL Remote Control App and is based on reverse engineering the network protocol between this software and the hardware unit and therefor have access to the entire feature set.

The software is not available for release yet and only tested for the SSL Matrix as a 16 fader MCU controller. The software is created by Frostbox Labs ApS on behalf of a private client.

6 thoughts on “PolySigma software solution for multiple SSL Sigmas

  1. This is very exciting. I am a SSL Sigma user. That would be incredible to have 4 SSL Sigma connected together.

    1. Iā€™m using 2 sigmas out of Cubase, no hardware controller. I really hope this can help me as my system seem to have created a midi feedback loop over ipmidi when using much.

      1. Yes that should be possible with this system in the future. Tanks for your interest. Best regards, Uffe

    2. Thanks! Yes the system is running very well but i still need to implement automation/recall. Stay tuned šŸ™‚

  2. If there was a way to recognise SSL Vmidi on the network and incorporate a dedicated sigma control layer of UF8 I’d be on this in a flash.

    1. Hi. Thanks for your comment. Seems like a great idea. Still I don’t understand why SSL isn’t better in the software compatibility between their own products? Weird šŸ™‚ I havn’t had a chance to have a peak at the UF8/Vmidi protocol yet but when I do I will try to see if it is feasible o make such an implementation.

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