24 input and outputs routings between your multitrack tape machine, console and daw converters at the flip of a switch!

144 Relays is a 2U 19″ rack-mountable audio router that has 24 inputs and outputs for 3 different audio device for a total number of 144 i/o’s. It is develop for the modern scenario of using both analog and digital multitrack with a large format analog console in recording and mixing studios. It makes the process of going from an analog to a digital workflow as easy as pushing a button and creates entirely new creative ways to use the classic analog multitrack machines in modern music production.

Console DAW Tape workflows

It has fives modes that can be switch using the very simpel user interface of only one button and a ring of LEDs showing the current signal path. Here are a presentation of the five modes and examples of how they can be used in a studio workflow.

Mode 1: Tape dumping between the DAW and analog tape

Mode 2: Mixing and tracking using the console and the DAW

Mode 3: Mixing and tracking using the console and the tape machine

Mode 4: Tracking on tape with DAW in input monitoring mode for backup recordings

Mode 5: Archive from tape to daw through console for processing the audio

The signal path is passive to ensure no colorisation of the audio and use high quality relays. Therefore when switching between modes a slight click might be heard from the DC offsets of the connected devices.

Other user scenarios:

Studios with two different sets of converters or DAWs they want to be able to connect to a console or multitrack tape machine.

Studios with two different sounding consoles that they want to be able to switch between with ease.

In broadcasting for using multiple multitrack for backup purposes.

The front panel can be custom engraved for such other purposes and please contact us if you have other needs that could be implemented in future revisions of the product. We love feedback!

Recommended grounding scheme:

The default configuration is that 144 Relays has the grounds disconnected internally from the sources and the grounds are therefor not switched with the relays together with hot and cold (xlr pin 2 & 3). This means that the cabling needs to have the ground (xlr: pin 1) connected at the sources and can have ground connected or disconnected at 144 Relays since these grounds are by default disconnected inside the unit. Normal off-the-shelf DB25 cables will provide grounds connected in both ends so they will work just fine. The internal 0v ground bus is by default connected to the chassis ie. to the mains earth.

If needed the pcb’s inside provides solder jumper pads for connecting the source grounds to the internal 0v ground bus on an individual basis. The internal 0v ground bus can be disconnected from the chassis ie. the mains earth. We will do these modification free of charge if specified when ordering or it can be done by the end user if he or she has basic soldering skills.


Remote control unit if installed far away in a machine room (using data connector)

Custom engraving of the front panel

Linking for systems with more than 24 channels (using data connector)


18 pcs. D-sub 25 connectors wire using the normal TASCAM format.

1 pcs. D-sub 9 pin data connector fro firmware upgrade, remote control and linking of multiple units

Can be configured with 115v or 230v internal power supply.

Price: 3000€ excluding VAT & shipping.

Email for more info & delivery estimate: labs@frostbox.net