IP network based complete remote control of Studer A80 reel-to-reel tape machines.



  • Full remote control of your Studer A80 over a single Cat5 cable.
  • Small footprint yet easy to use remote panel with 15 tactile LCD screen buttons.
  • Control the transport functions along with semitone based varispeed and record arming + repro/sync/input monitoring selection.*
  • Provides full status feedback from the tape machine including the tach time code.
  • Advanced auto locator functionality including looping and head/tail guards to avoid spooling the tape of the reel.
  • Memory for recalling locator positions, track statuses and more for each of your tape reels.
  • Supports all Studer A80s

System components

The remote system consists of a small A80 Machine Interface and a compact remote panel with 15 LCD display buttons that can interact with track status, tach based time code with auto-locators, transport keys, precise varispeed parameters etc.* The installation is plug & play and the units discover each other over your tcp/ip network after a short boot up procedure. The system will be delivered in 2 track, 8 track , 16 track and 24 track versions. The user will need to provide cat5 cabling and a router (min. 10/100 Mbps ethernet speed) with DHCP server enabled which is the default out-of-the-box configuration. The system includes a custom hardware machine interface with firmware running on an ESP32 microcontroller, an Elgato Stream Deck remote panel, a Raspberry Pi running custom software, a wall wart psu for the Raspberry Pi and the needed cables between the Machine Interface and the tape machine.


Future developments

Planned future developments includes track and locator naming, support for multiple remote panels and machine interfaces to be connected and active simultaneously on the same network connecting a multitude of machines, control from other network devices like apps on tablets and smartphones and development of other machine interfaces which can be controlled from the same remote panel like other tape machines, mixers, outboard effects, DAWs etc. Push-of-a-button online software and firmware update will be implemented.


What components does the system consist off?

The Machine interface is designed and manufactured by Frostbox Labs and have an ESP32 microcontroller in its heart with custom written firmware. The single board computer used by the remote panel is a raspberry pi with linux and a custom software app that communicates with the remote panel which is a Streamdeck controller. The raspberry pie gets power from the supplied wall wart psu and the machine interface gets power from the Studer A80 over the transport, varispeed and track control cables.

Do I need to use other devices to configure the system?

No. The system is plug ‘n play and only needs a standard 10/100 router with two free ethernet ports and DHCP enable which is the default configuration for most routers. Then the remote panel will boot up and automatically find the machine interface after approx. two minutes.

What is tach time code?

Tach time code is based on the tach roller just right off the pinch roller on your A80. So it is a relative position referenced to the zero point which can be set on your A80 or remote panel. The zero point on a reel can be marked with splicing tape for future zeroing when changing reels.

Does it worked with different voltages in all regions of the world?


Will it make my poorly maintaned Studer A80 sound better?

Definitely not!


2 track Studer A80 remote 1200 € + VAT & Shipping

8 track Studer A80 remote 1400 € + VAT & Shipping

16 track Studer A80 remote 1675 € + VAT & Shipping

24 track Studer A80 remote 1950 € + VAT & Shipping

Please contact us for more information or leave project feedback: labs@frostbox.net


* Varispeed and exact track status controls depends on your A80 machine configuration.