Niche pro audio designs & technical service based in Copenhagen

Frostbox Labs is a spin-off company from Frostbox Recording Studio established in Copenhagen in 2006. During configuration and maintenance of the studio equipment like Studer & Otari tape machines, Pro Tools rigs & SSL 4000G+ console the team behind the studio began to develop small solutions that help integrate these wonders and provide better workflows for the end users in the studio. These and other niche pro audio technical solutions and services are what Frostbox Labs now offers to customers around the world.

The first product is a master transport selector & transport tally light conditioner for all SSL 4000, 6000 & 8000 consoles. The next product is a relay systems for patching 24 channels of audio between DAWs, tape machines & consoles. Further down the pipeline products that adds further functionality and life spand to the SSL Studio Computer. This is still in the prototyping phase.

Our service specialty is Solid State Logic console maintenance and reconfiguration for the console, power supplies and the SSL Studio Computer together with general integration and synchronisation of tape machines, DAWs and consoles. We do all kinds of other electronic repair of high end audio equipment and studio wiring so please get in contact if something needs our service.

Frostbox Labs daily operations are undertaken by Uffe Lund-Hansen. He is co-founder of the Frostbox Recording Studio, has an Masters Degree in Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark and a career as a studio & live audio engineer for artists in Denmark.

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Frostbox Labs is part of Frostbox I/S with VAT no. DK-29369755

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Updated november 2017.